Comeau, Jean (l’ainé) (~1657 – 1720.11.24)

His family

↑ (Pierre COMEAU & Rose Bayon)

+ Françoise HÉBERT (~1661 – ~1713.2)
| Marie-Charlotte COMEAU (1679 – 1709)
| Pierre COMEAU (1680 – ?)
| Etienne COMEAU (1680 – ?)
| Anne-Marie COMEAU (1685 – 1722.4.13)
| Jean-Baptiste COMEAU (~1686 – ?)
| Marguerite COMEAU (~1686 – ?)
| Augustin COMEAU (1688 – 1741.10.13)
| Marie COMEAU (~1690 – ?)
| François COMEAU (1691 – 1717.11.22)
| Claude COMEAU (1693 – ?)
| Françoise COMEAU (1694 – 1717.2.17)
| Alexandre COMEAU (1695 – 1725.7.22)
| Madeleine COMEAU (1697 – 1767)
| Marguerite COMEAU (1699 – ?)
| Joseph-Jean-Baptiste COMEAU (1703.7.26 – >)
| Anne-Judith COMEAU (1705.8.1 – ?)

+ Catherine LEJEUNE
| Françoise COMEAU (1720.11.22 – ?)

His story

At the time of Jean’s birth, Oliver Cromwell was the Lord Protector of the Commonwealth after a civil war in England.

The king of France is Louis XIV le Roi Soleil (Bourbon).

1657~ Jean’s birth in Port Royal, Acadie.
1660 King Charles II returns to England from Holland and is  restored to the throne.  
1661 Jean’s future wife Françoise Hebert (Etienne & Marie Anne Gaudet) is born in Port Royal.

Brother Antoine is born in Port Royal.

Library & Archives Canada, C1870, MG 9, B8, p. 649.
1662~ Sister Marie-Jeanne is born in Port Royal
1663 New France becomes a crown colony. Its population is now 2,500. More colonists (about 100 families) arrive in Montreal.

Great Québec earthquake.

Jean-Baptiste Legardeur de Repentigny is elected the first mayor of Québec.

1664~ Sister Anne-Marie is born in Port Royal
1664 There were 105 seigneuries established in New France.  
1665 Brother Jean-Augustin is born in Port Royal
1665 Jean Talon is named the first intendant of New France. Forts constructed at Sorel and Chambly by de Saurel and Chambly. A third fort was established on the Richelieu river (near present day St-Jean) by the end of the year.

The first filles du roi arrive in New France.

1666 Jean Talon conducts a census of New France – the population is now 4,219.  
1667 The Treaty of Breda recognizes Acadia as a French possession.  
1670 Brother Etienne marries Marie-Anne Lefebvre in Port Royal.

Francoise Hebert’s father dies in Port Royal.

1671 1671 The population of Acadia numbering 340 is enumerated for its first census by Grandfontaine.

Jean is 14 and living with his father who is listed as tonnelier (barrelmaker), 75 years old with 16 heads of cattle, 22 sheep and 6 arpents of cultivated land.

His future wife, Francoise Hebert is 10 and living with her mother Marie Anne Gaudet.

Grandfontaine; Familles etabli a l’Acadie (Archives des colonies : Série G 1 – 2572 lac_reel_c2572 C-2572 113152 MG1-G1)  1671 census page


1672~ Founding of Beaubassin in the Chignecto region.

The population of New France is now 6,700. Louis de Buade, Comte de Frontenac, governs  New France.

Louis Jolliet & Jacques Marquette reach the Mississippi river.

1672 Sister Françoise marries Jean Gaudet in Port Royal
1674 François-Xavier de Montmorency, Monseigneur de Laval, becomes the first bishop of New France.
1675 Sister Marie-Jeanne marries Etienne Hebert in Port Royal
1677~ Jean marries Françoise Hebert in Port Royal.

Sister Marie marries Etienne Rivest in Port Royal.

Lareau & Courteau; French Canadian Families of the North Central States 

Desaulniers, François Lesieur; Les vieilles familles d’Yamachiche

1678 Rose Bayon, Jean’s mother, died before 1678.

In the 1678 census Jean has established his own household with his wife Françoise Hebert, 3 children, 1 cow and 1 calf.

Brother Pierre marries Jeanne Bourg in Port Royal.

Le Neuf de la Valliere, Michel; Estat des habitans du Port Royal en 1678 (Transcription by Memoires de la Societe Genealogique from d’Entremont version).
1679 Daughter Marie Charlotte is born in Port Royal.
1680 Sister Françoise dies in Port Royal.

Twin sons Pierre and Etienne Comeau are born in Port Royal.

1682 Founding of Grand-Pré in Minas. This area will become the bread basket of Acadia.
1683~ Son Jean- Baptiste is born. Could possibly be 1686. 
1685 King James II succeeds his  brother, Charles II as king of England.  
1685~ Daughter Anne Marie is born in Port Royal.
1686~ In the census recorded by Monsieur de Meulles, Jean COMMEAU is 30 years old with 4 arpents of cultivated land, 4 cattle and 10 sheep. Living in the household are his wife (23 years old), 2 daughters and 3 sons.

Son Jean Baptiste is born in Port Royal.
Daughter Marguerite is also born. Are they twins?

Brother Jean-Augustin marries Catherine Babin in Port Royal.

De Meulles; Resensement de la Nouvelle France (Transcripton by Benjamin Sulte Vol VI)
1687~ St-Charles des Mines Church is built at Grand-Pré.

A measles epidemic takes hold in Quebec.

1688~ Son Augustin is born in Port Royal.
1689 King William III and Queen Mary II jointly assume the throne of England when deposed James VII/II flees to Ireland.

French-Five Nations war begins. Lachine massacre perpetrated by the Iroquois.

1689 Brother Pierre (le jeune) marries Jeanne Bourgeois in Port Royal.
1690~ Port-Royal is captured by the British. It will be renamed Annapolis Royal.  An oath of allegiance to England is signed by Port Royal residents.

Frontenac repels Sir William Phips attack on Quebec.

1690 Jean’s father, Pierre COMEAU dies in Acadie.

Daughter Marie is born.

1691~ Son François is born in Port Royal.
1693~ Son Claude is born in Port Royal.

In the census of 1693, Jean COMEAU is 40 years old with 18 cattle, 35 sheep, 14 hogs, 30 arpents of cultivated land and 1 gun. In his household are his wife (33 years old0 and children: Anne Marie, Augustin,  Etienne, Francois, Jean Baptiste, Jean, Marguerite, Marie  and Pierre.

1694~ Daughter Françoise is born in Port Royal.
1694 12 28 King William III reigns alone after the death of Queen Mary II.
1695~ Son Alexandre is born in Port Royal.
1695 08 16 An oath of allegiance to King William is administered by Captain Fleetwood Emes, commander of the Sorlings frigate to the residents of Port Royal. The mark of Jean Commeaux is on the document.


gov-001-1695-oathOath of Allegiance to King William at Port Royal.
Document. 1695-8. Boston archives.
1697 Daughter Madeleine is born in Port Royal.

Daughter Marie-Charlotte marries Pierre Girouard in Port Royal.

1697~ The treaty of Ryswick restores all captured territory between France and England
1698 In the 1698 census Jean Commeau is 43 with 16 cattle, 35 sheep, 7 hogs, 39 arpents of cultivated land, 83 fruit trees and 1 gun. In his household are his wife (37 years old) and children: Alexandre, Anne Marie, Augustin, Claude, Etienne, Francois, Francoise, Jean-Baptiste,  Jean, Madeleine, Marguerite, Marie and Pierre . 1698 Census of Acadie (From
1699 Daughter Marguerite is born in Port Royal.
1699 A smallpox epidemic in New France kills 100 people.
1700~ A map of the Annapolis Valley shows the location of Jean’s (J. CAUMON) homestead with 2 buildings.
1701~ Founding of Petitcodiac.

Another smallpox epidemic ravages Quebec.

1701 07 04 La Grande Paix de Montréal. Governor Callière and 38 First Nations chiefs sign an accord to end the wars between the French and Iroquois and the Anglo-Iroquois alliance.
1702 Another smallpox epidemic kills 2-3,000 people in New France.

Queen Anne (Stuart) succeeds her brother-in-law, William III.

England declares war on France in the War of the Spanish Succession

1703 Eighth Acadian census. With a population of 1,450, the Acadians are enumerated again.
1703 07 26
1703 08 19 (Baptism)
Son Joseph Jean-Baptiste is born in Port Royal.
1703 09 Jean enters into a transaction with the Governor to provide 10 50-foot masts.
1704 01 25 Marriage of son Pierre Comeau to Suzanne Bezier in Port Royal, in St-Jean Baptiste parish. Witnesses included Felix Pain, Recollet missionary, and du Chambon, the governor of Acadia.
1705 Two granddaughters are born:
Angelique Comeau to Etienne Comeau and Marguerite FOREST
Suzanne COMEAU to Pierre COMEAU and Suzanne BEZIER in Pisiguid,  Acadie
1705 08 01 Daughter Anne-Judith is born in Port Royal.
1705 10 12 Jean and his brother Pierre (l’aine) witnessed the marriage contract between his niece Marie Commeau (Pierre & Jeanne Bourgeois) and Etienne Martin (late Barnabé Martin & Jeanne Pelletret). Archives National de Quebec
1707 In the 1707 census, Jean is in Les Mines with his wife, 2 boys less than 14,1 girl 12 or older, 4 younger girls; 2 arpents, 10 cattle, 10 sheep, 8 hogs. 1707 Acadie census. Library & Archives Canada, Call Number: MG1-G1 , volume 466, partie 1, pages 215
1707 11 21 Grandson Alexandre Comeau is born in St-Charles-des-Mines to Pierre Comeau and Suzanne BEZIER.
1708 Queen Anne’s war breaks out and there is unrest with the British.
1708 11 17 Marriage of daughter Anne Marie Comeau to Louis D’Amour Sieur d’Echauffour in Port Royal.
1709~ Death of daughter Marie Charlotte.

Marriage of daughter Anne Marie Comeau to François Richard in d’Auray, Bretagne, France, or Port Royal? d’Auray may be François’ home town. Another source has J.B. Soulard as her second husband [see Recherches Généalogique]

Grandson Charles Comeau is born to Etienne COMEAU and Marguerite

1709 Slavery is legalized in Canada.
1710~ Marriage of son Etienne Comeau to Marguerite Forest in Port Royal.

Granddaughter Marie-Josephte COMEAU is born in Annapolis Royal to Pierre COMEAU and Suzanne BEZIER.

1710 Port-Royal falls to the British one last time and is now called Annapolis Royal after Queen Anne.
1710 02 02 Marriage of daughter Françoise Comeau to Jean Baptiste Soulard in Port Royal.
1711 Grandson Pascal Soulard is born in Acadie to Jean- Baptiste SOULARD and
Francoise COMEAU.
1712 02 22 Grandson Pierre Comeau is born in Pisiguid to Pierre COMEAU and
Suzanne BEZIER.
1713 By the Treaty of Utrecht Acadia now belongs to England and never again returns to France. Britain also gets possession of  Hudson Bay and Newfoundland, but not Ile Royale (Cape Breton).  Acadia is renamed Nova Scotia.
1713 02~
1713 02 17 (burial)
Jean’s wife, Françoise Hebert dies at 50 years old in Annapolis Royal (formerly Port Royal). She is buried in the Cimitiere du Haut de la Riviere. Library & Archives Canada;, C1870, MG 9, B8, p. 649
1713 11 06 Marriage of son Jean Baptiste Comeau to Anne Marie Thibodeau in Grand Pré, Acadie.
1714 The 1714 census conducted by Felix Pain in Acadie lists Jean Commeau with his wife, 2 male children and 5 female children. It’s possible the census was published after her death in 1713. Felix Pain, Recensement de 15 Octobre 1714 par Felix Pain
1714 02 12 Marriage of son Augustin Comeau to Jeanne Levron in Annapolis Royal.
1714 08 01 Queen Anne Stuart died – George I Hanover
becomes king:.
1714 10 20 Granddaughter Marie Magdeleine COMEAU is born in Annapolis Royal to Pierre Comeau  and Suzanne BEZIER.
1714 11 14 (baptism) Grandson Jean Baptiste Soulard was
born in Québec, Québec to Jean-Baptiste SOULARD  and Francoise  COMEAU..
1714 12 29 Granddaughter Marie Josephte Comeau
is born in Annapolis Royal to Augustin COMEAU and  Jeanne LEVRON..
1715 Two grandsons are born:
Jean Comeau in Nova Scotia to Etienne COMEAU  and Marguerite  FOREST.
Honoré COMEAU in Pisiguid, to Jean Baptiste COMEAU  and Anne Marie
1715 Louis XV becomes king of France
1715 01 07 Marriage of son François Comeau to Marie Jeanne Soulard (who died after 1718) in Québec, Québec. Archives National de Quebec
1715 08 11 Granddaughter Madeleine Comeau is born in Annapolis Royal to Augustin COMEAU and  Jeanne LEVRON..
1716 09 30 Marriage of daughter Madeleine Comeau to Pierre Trahan in Pisiguid.
1717 01 02 Grandson Etienne Comeau is born in Annapolis Royal to Pierre  COMEAU and Suzanne BEZIER
1717 02 17 Death of daughter Françoise in Québec, Québec.
1717 11 22 Death of son François in Québec, Québec. Probably caused by an epidemic.
1718 07 22 Granddaughter Marguerite Anne Comeau is born in Annapolis Royal to Augustin COMEAU and Jeanne  LEVRON.
1718 10 09 Twin granddaughters Anne and Elizabeth Comeau are born in Annapolis Royal to Pierre COMEAU and  Suzanne BEZIER.
1719 01 23 Marriage of daughter Marguerite Comeau to Ambroise Melançon in Annapolis Royal.
1720 The fortress at Louisbourg begins construction..
1720 Grandson Jean-Baptiste Comeau is born to Jean Baptiste COMEAU  and Anne Marie
Granddaughter Rosalie COMEAU is born in Nova Scotia to Jean Baptiste COMEAU
and Anne Marie  THIBODEAU.
1720 03 31 Granddaughter Jeanne Comeau is born in Annapolis Royal to Augustin COMEAU and
Jeanne LEVRON.
1720 04 22 Jean remarries to Catherine Lejeune in Annapolis Royal. Another date for marriage could be 1720-01-07.  Catherine gives birth to a daughter in November that year.
1720 11 03
1720 11 14 (buried)
After a lengthy illness, Jean dies in Annapolis Royal at the age of 63. He is survived by his second wife, Catherine Lejeune and a newborn daughter; as well as 7 sons and 6 daughters from his first marriage; and more than 20 grandchildren. Nova Scotia Archives. Registers of St. Jean-Baptiste, Annapolis Royal, 1702-1755. Database and images. An Acadian Parish Remembered


♦ – documented or primary source evidence exists
  – credible evidence or research
  – Unproven or uncertain evidence or research
♦ – speculation